Juliana Arieseni Juliana Brad
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Juliana Arieseni Juliana Brad

Under the name of JULIANA we offer you two special arranged locations, for those who are looking for the privacy of traditional pensions and the utilities of city hotels. The two pensions are at 100 km distance one from another:
- The JulianaArieseni Pension is situated in the notorious Arieseni locality, in Alba county, near to the most important tourist attractions of the Ariesul Mare valley and the ski slopes;
- The Juliana – Brad Pension is in Brad, in Hunedoara county; it is located in a very pleasant area of the town, with easy access, also close to the downtown or the Gold Museum, the main town’s attraction.
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Pensiunea JULIANA - Brad, se afla amplasata in municipiul Brad, judetul Hunedoara.
Este o unitate de cazare si alimentatie publica in care se regasesc atat confortul unei pensiuni cat si utilitatile specifice hotelurilor: sala de conferinte, spatiu si amenajari speciale pentru evenimente cu multe persoane, salon de intretinere, sauna, frizerie.
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